As a three-term governor of the State of Hawaii and a farsighted architect of Pacific-Asian affairs, George R. Ariyoshi has devoted his career to expansive ideas. Through his leadership, Hawaii has been guided to the threshold of the 21st century prepared to fulfill its pivotal role in the business and commerce of the Pacific Rim.

Governor Ariyoshi renewed his association with the law firm that is today Watanabe Ing LLP following his retirement from public office in 1986. He brings a unique international perspective, underscored with accomplishments and ideas developed through more than a decade of practical experience and contact.

As Hawaii’s chief executive for more than thirteen years, Governor Ariyoshi set in motion a series of wide-ranging policies which have optimized the development of Hawaii’s resources and strategic location. Responsible fiscal policies, progressive trade relations and business opportunities, steady tourism growth, development of Hawaii’s ocean resources and continued economic strength are the hallmarks of his administrative legacy. The contacts and understanding developed through this successful era of Hawaii and the Pacific provide both a framework and forecast of his future activities.

His stature and reputation amongst government and business leaders within the United States and throughout Asia allow him to continue in his role of promoting and nurturing international economic and business ties within the increasingly important Pacific region. Governor Ariyoshi’s multilingual and multi-cultural skills and knowledge add to his effectiveness in representing a variety of clients interested in promoting and identifying economic opportunities.