In any building or design project, there are many complex legal issues to consider. When that project is in Hawaii, a number of cultural, historical, political and community factors can also come into play. At Watanabe Ing LLP, we view every construction project as a part of a larger landscape, in which a sensitivity to the beliefs of the local community is every bit as important as an understanding of the law. Our professionals are experienced in the drafting and negotiation of construction and design professional contracts, developing strategies for the handling of construction administration and design issues, and handling construction claims through alternate dispute resolution and trial. Our team of construction and professional design lawyers represents insureds of major insurance companies as well as owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, lenders, and developers — many with business on an international scale. Our attorneys also have expertise in government contracting, as well as handling disputes arising under both Hawaii’s Procurement Code and federal regulations.

Each island in Hawaii has a unique history and culture. Yet, fast-changing developments from the east and west have profound influences on Hawaii and its people. Over the years, Watanabe Ing LLP has developed local, national and international contacts in the construction and design professional industries that allow us to utilize the strengths of a new worldwide community, while maintaining sensitivities to Hawaii’s people, culture and resources.

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